NM State defeats Columbia in Quick Match
Courtesy: New Mexico State University  
Release:  03/19/2011

Arlington, Texas-The men's tennis team of New Mexico State University defeated Columbia University in a quick 4-0 match, bringing the team's record to 8-1 over the last nine matches.

            The match came one day after defeating Texas Christian University, currently ranked No. 61.  The win puts the Aggies at an overall record of 9-5.

            "This was a really good team effort and a great follow up to consolidate last night's win over TCU," head tennis coach Carlos Vargas said.

            NM State did not take long to take care of Columbia.  NM State followed up the doubles point win with enough singles victories to call the match.

            Senior Jim Brouleau and junior Matej Stakne defeated Kevin Kung and Nathaniel Gery 8-6 in the No. 1 doubles match, followed by an 8-6 win by senior Arthur Surreaux and freshman Marc Westgate over Haig Schneiderman and Rajeev Deb-Sen in the No. 3 match to clinch the doubles point.  The No. 2 match between NM State sophomores Luis Ramirez and Orlando and Columbia players Cyril Bucher and Tizian Bucher was called off early due to time constraints since NM State already clinched the point.

            NM State quickly clinched the match by winning the first three matches to finish.  No. 67 Surreaux defeated Haig Schneiderman 6-4, 6-4, in the No. 1 match.  Brouleau defeated Cyril Bucher in a convincing 6-2, 6-0, victory in the No. 2 match, and Ramirez finished up with a 7-5, 6-4, victory over Tizian Bucher in the No. 5 match. 

            The matches of Superlano, Stakne, and freshman Felipe Frattini were called off once NM State clinched the entire match victory.

            "The guys were a little tired because of the quick turnaround, but played hard and were able to get off the courts quick," Vargas said.

            NM State concludes the road trip tomorrow when it takes on the University of Texas-Arlington.


NM State-4, Columbia-0

 Singles competition
1. #67 Arthur Surreaux (NMSU) def. Haig Schneiderman (Columbia) 6-4, 6-4
2.  Jim Brouleau (NMSU) def. Cyril Bucher (Columbia) 6-2, 6-0
3. Orlando Superlano (NMSU) vs. Kevin Kung (Columbia) unfinished
4. Matej Stakne (NMSU) vs. Nathaniel Gery (Columbia) unfinished
5. Luis Ramirez (NMSU) def. Tizian Bucher (Columbia) 7-5, 6-4
6. Felipe Frattini (NMSU) vs. Rajeev Deb-Sen (Columbia) unfinished

 Doubles competition
1. Jim Brouleau/Matej Stakne (NMSU) def. Kevin Kung/Nathaniel Gery (Columbia) 8-6
2. Luis Ramirez/Orlando Superlano (NMSU) vs. Cyril Bucher/Tizian Bucher (Columbia) unfinished
3. Arthur Surreaux/Marc Westgate (NMSU) def. Haig Schneiderman/Rajeev Deb-Sen (Columbia) 8-6

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