Pete's Ponderings-March 30
Courtesy: New Mexico State University  
Release:  04/01/2009

Have you checked the date on your calendar lately? It’s football season. No Rip van Winkle, you didn’t sleep through the summer, but it is football season none the less. Kickoff is still 150 days away, but it is time New Mexico State fans started keeping football season in their mind for longer than the days between September and December. 


Ole Pete feels this way because the change that needs to happen to turn the Aggie ducklings into swans has got to take place in the mind. Not just hoping for a good year, but making the kind of plans that are long range for the big picture of a solid program. Getting your season tickets is step one, step two is getting to know the Aggies as close up as you can. Kid’s clinics and punt, pass and kick contest have been held for the youngsters courtesy of head coach DeWayne Walker. All fans, middle and high school players and coaches have been invited to all the practices sessions.


So how does thinking about Aggie football now make a difference you ask? It is this action that can lead to a chain reaction of interest and commitment by more than just you and your family. Talking about the season, going online to study up on opponents and just keeping Aggie football as front of the mind awareness will just add to the emotional link that has to be there for a team to succeed. If your heart is it the mix you are more likely to be in the stands all season and that is the prescription Athletics Director Dr. McKinley Boston has in mind to shore up the small deficiencies in NM State’s football growth pattern.


What I am saying is if you start talking the talk now, you’ll be walkin’ the walk soon enough. Marking down the calendar dates of home games so there are no other family events in the way. If you plan a tailgate party with out of town fans for that special game, it could lead to a series of parties all season long. You have to think on a larger scale than you might have in the past. The season ticket package gives you a serious price break if you go for the entire package. Make your game day bigger than just the game.


Who in Las Cruces doesn’t love a party? No one I know of. Planning six good parties at Aggie Memorial gives you a great start for a Division I football game. It’s time to think like the rest of the Division I fans. These NM State home football games are dates to treasure and celebrate. That is why I say it is football season, all twelve months of it.


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