Pete's Ponderings-February 23
Courtesy: New Mexico State University  
Release:  02/23/2009

Pete has been telling you about new football head coach DeWayne Walker and his plans to become a full fledged part of our community. It’s not smoke and mirrors fellow Aggies; he had 15 members of the Aggie football team visit students at Alameda Elementary last week just “to hang out with the kids.”


School counselor Mary Meier was thrilled and had the Aggies split into groups that played games and helped with studies for the afternoon. Meier never had so many willing teaching assistants.


“We put some of them with outdoor games. This was right up their alley. They organized a game of football and kept all the kids running for 45 minutes. Some were helping with homework and really seemed to enjoy interacting with the kids. We had some of the players helping with reading. I even heard a huge player reading Spanish to a youngster,” Meier said.


The Aggies weren’t just there to give high fives and sign autographs, in one class, a teacher read the story of “The Five Chinese Brothers” while two large football players acted it out for the students. Do you think Walker is serious about wanting his team to be your team too?


This sort of thing has been outgoing through the athletic department with all sports team, but the coach knows he has some bridges to build and is going about it the right way. He is meeting with the local prep grid staffs, meeting the fans at other team’s home games and sharing his vision of the future with all who want to lend an ear. The warmth and sincerity of the players impressed the folks at Alameda elementary.


“It was really refreshing to see these big guys come into our school, wearing their jerseys, and take time to be with our kids... and to see the kids so excited and even a little in awe,” Meier said. The players’ efforts weren’t lost on the grownups either.


“I was a little in awe myself. I’m an Aggie supporter and have been for years. The players were extremely polite, frequently calling me ma’am. It was really wonderful to see these guys take time out of their busy schedules to spend it with us for three hours,” she continued.


Outreach isn’t just saying hello to the fans on game day but it’s something that goes on 24 hours/seven days a week. It’s also part of building a winning team. The past isn’t something that has to shackle the future. A fresh start by Walker should lead to a clean slate with those who have been reluctant to join the Aggie campfire. Come join us, there’s always room for you.

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