Pete Ponderings-November 24
Courtesy: New Mexico State University  
Release:  01/14/2009

Pete knows that the Thanksgiving Day holiday was Thursday, but I want to take the opportunity to share with you the things that I am thankful for. There are so many things that warm an ole prospector’s heart and I’m not sure where to begin.


How about the generosity of our community? Through the Athletics Department, Aggie fans near and far contributed to operation Crimson Ribbon that put more than 1,000 of our service men and women in the stands for every home football game. It takes a special person to give and we have some of the best wearin’ Crimson and White. While we’re at it, the businesses that sponsored the bleacher creatures for home football as well. These kids got a good taste of how much fun it can be to go to an Aggie game, some of them come from situations where there was no money for entertainment like this, so again Pete’s heart is warmed but this giving spirit.


This saddle tramps eyes grow misty when I think back about how much good is being done by the department’s effort to raise money for breast cancer research. More than half a million dollars has been added to the fund at NMSU and UNM. Pete thinks about my sis who left this world prematurely to this cussed disease, and I rise up a little prouder when I see what the Aggies have taken on toward this mission.


I am thankful for Chase Holbrook. Not because he threw for a lot of touchdowns and led the Aggies to some exciting wins. But because he is a true gentleman, he stayed for more than half an hour on the field after the last home game, signing autographs and hearing from Aggie fans who thanked him for coming to town. His behavior after a tough loss was admirable.


There are also thanks to the people in the athletics department who will never get to hit a 3-point shot, slam a volleyball for a point or do an end zone dance, but they are a part of the team that makes that all happen. The Janet’s and Nancy’s, the Connie Lou’s and Nate’s are doing their job day after day without a headline or a letter jacket. The Ann’s and the Jenny’s, the Martha’s and the Sylvia’s, who answer the phones, relay the information to their bosses and do it all with their eyes on the greater good, rather than an all-conference award.


We have a wonderful life here in the Mesilla Valley. It isn’t about always getting your way or having the best possessions in your neighborhood. It’s about giving and caring, I am so thankful we have those kinds of folks around the Aggie campfire.

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