Pete's Ponderings-December 22
Courtesy: New Mexico State University  
Release:  01/14/2009

As we approach another year ole Pete is getting a little philosophical about being an Aggie. Make no mistake, there is no doubt whatsoever that being an Aggie is what ole Pete is all about.


But I began to ponder, so to speak, on the qualities real Aggies possess. One thing an Aggie definitely needs if he lives in the Land of Enchantment is a good thick skin. First of all, Mother Nature is sending her sunshine at you all but five days out of the year. Plus an Aggie needs to be indifferent to the japes that come from the North or the South, knowing what is best for us and not letting those comments get under our skin. Also an Aggie needs confidence. I think confidence can breed all kind of good things for you in life and in sports.


Look at what confidence has done for the Aggie volleyball team, from mediocrity to national acclaim. It didn’t happen without Mike Jordan’s belief and the way he showed it to his teams. Their confidence has won many matches internally before it all stars. This next quality is one that takes a little poetic license, but an Aggie has to have chile in their blood. Not just in their bloodstream from a plate of enchiladas and a gordita for lunch. That chile needs to be a part of an Aggies DNA to make it real. I suppose it would have to be red chile in this instance. An Aggie doesn’t have to be tall, an Aggie doesn’t have to be thin, or rich or even good looking. These traits run much deeper than the surface.


It was said once that if you wear out a pair of shoes while you live in Las Cruces, you will never leave. This has been true for ole Pete, but the many alumni who are making their way around the globe still feel the kinship through their memories of our town and that is part of it as well. But most of all an Aggie needs a big heart. It has to be able to accommodate the joys of victories on the field and in the classroom. There has to be room for compassion and insight when a fellow Aggie stumbles along the path. But an Aggies heart has to be one that embraces all as friends. After the competition we all have to work to make this world a little better. That’s what ole Pete thinks we Aggies are.

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