Pete's Ponderings-November 3
Courtesy: New Mexico State University  
Release:  11/04/2008

Ole Pete is adding blue and white to his game day crimson gear for the Saturday, Nov. 8, game versus Hawai’i. That’s because of the tribute NMSU is paying to those who work so hard to keep us safe. This Saturday there is gonna be a Patriotic shindig that will honor those who have served in our armed services in the past, present and we will even get a preview of the future. Come to the game and be among the Navajo code talkers and World War two veterans as well as service men and women that are working hard to protect our homeland on so many fronts.


Las Cruces is a hub of military service from enlisted men and women, officers and those that serve in the National Guard and most of them have at one time or another gone overseas to stand in harms way so we can live the life we enjoy here in the Mesilla Valley. But this game has so much more to it.


During the second World War, America’s enemies were able to intercept messages and could break every code we came up with in transmitting sensitive information to try to win the war, then one smart general decided to enlist members of the Navajo Indian nation to relay those sensitive communications and that was one code, the enemies of freedom couldn’t break. Two of these heroes will be at the game traveling down from the Four Corners area of our state. Other World War II veterans will be on hand from the Honor Flight that brought these heroes to the nation’s capital to see the memorial wall built to honor those who served in that conflict.


You may remember Pete talked about the future. There is going to be a fly over of the newest Raptor fighter plane to come off of the assembly line. Aggie Memorial has been host to flyovers from historic B-52’s, fighter jets and had service men float in on a parachute, but this is gonna top it all. This fighter jet will literally and maybe figuratively blow you away.


The city of Las Cruces and brass from the military will sign a covenant agreement that will show the appreciation each has for the other and the appreciation we have for everyone working together. The top brass Colonel Jeff Harrigian will be on hand as will Las Cruces Mayor Ken Miyagashima and other representatives of the city council.


Did Pete forget to mention that you can see all of this and a great Aggie football game too? It’s a celebration of those who have given and those who continue to serve. It’s a crimson, white and blue day, don’t forget the 2:00 p.m. start on Saturday and get ready to cheer for the heroes who make our land great.

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