Pete's Ponderings-October 13
Courtesy: New Mexico State University  
Release:  10/14/2008

It’s that time of year again, when the ‘givers’ of our community gather around the Aggie campfire to do the right thing about curing a cussed disease. Saturday, Oct. 18, is the second annual “NMSU Aggies are Tough Enough to Wear Pink” football game.


Ole Pete will be front and center cheering for the Aggies against San Jose State but I’ll be carrying along some memories with me. Memories of loved ones that I have lost to breast cancer. Along with my thoughts of those who have passed will be a double amount of hope for the cure that will surely come for this affliction.


Researchers here at NMSU are working full-time on finding an antidote for breast cancer, they are joined by thousands of others worldwide who want to put away the fear and anxiety that comes with this diagnosis. If you have not had your life touched in a personal way by this, you can’t know the helpless feeling that comes when a loved is battling breast cancer. I’m here to tell you that it can be whipped.


The four ladies who started this drive a year ago all have survived a brush with the malignancy. I hope you know of others too who can say the same. But that is all the more reason to rally at Aggie Memorial and wear your pink. You may not be a big football fan, but if you are sensitive to the pain that accompanies this fight you need to be on hand. A dollar of your ticket purchase will go to cancer research. But there really is more to this than rooting at a football game and hopin’ for the best. There is the knowing that you are on the team that will fight harder than a ragin’ bull to live on and carry the load while the weak get stronger.


I have spoken to so many people who are football fans for one day out of the year, when it is time to be Tough Enough to Wear Pink. Pete lost his sister to breast cancer and there isn’t a day that I don’t miss her and think about her. I’d trade everything I own for one more day with her even if it was just to tell her how much I love her.


When the end of the day comes on Saturday there will only be winners at Aggie Memorial, no matter what the final score. It is a tall hill to climb, this cure, but with a million pairs of legs walking to the summit, it can level the greatest hill. Join ole Pete and the other ‘givers’ in our town and be Tough Enough to Wear Pink.

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