NM State Aggies vs. Boston College Eagles


NM State Head Coach Doug Martin Post-game interview

Second week in a row, your team has been in the fourth quarter with a chance to win. Tell us what you think.

“I think New Mexico State fans will be proud of their football team. We are laying down a good foundation here and when we get the talent that we can get because this is a great place.”

How about Xavier Hall today and his rushing performance?

“Xavier (Hall) played well. All our boys did. They competed their tails off and I couldn’t be more proud. But we have to step up and make plays. McDonald made plays, Hall made plays and defense stepped up at times. We will get there eventually.”

Boston College Head Coach Steve Addazio Post-game interview

So many people look at the match, nation’s second leader rusher versus the nation’s worst rushing defense, almost everyone expected Andre (Williams) would be out of the game by half time having done hard work. Did you anticipate it would be this hard?


“Yeah I did, I really did. I told the coaches that we were going to get in a dog fight down here. We were getting tired up front, worn down but I loved how our guys at the end strained.”

Did you ever think this first road win would be this difficult?


“Yes, I just really thought it was going to be like this, that’s the truth. I was not shocked at all.”

You guys had to go the extra mile here but talk about the extra mile Andre (Williams) went?


“He dug deep, at the end of the game the seniors were just grinding it they wanted this win. 

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