NM State vs Rice Postgame Quotes
Courtesy: New Mexico State University  
Release:  10/19/2013

Head Coach Doug Martin

Q: The quarterback play was good at times. Davis showed a lot of potential.

A: “Yeah he did he made us better because of our struggle blocking them up front and made the offensive line better because he made people miss and stay in line. He made some good throws but missed a couple that he could have had, but he is a freshman and is learning. He is something we can build on in the future.”

Q: Running back Brandon Bentancourt had another 100-yard game tonight, which is his second straight. Talk about his performance.

A: “Brandon brings the same thing every week and doesn’t practice everyday which means he is consistent. You always know what you are going to get with him. He is a quality player.”

Q: Maxwell Johnson had a career long 49-yard field goal kick. He seemed to kick the ball really well.

A: “He did a great job. We had one breakdown on the extra point where the holder botched the hold. But Johnson kicked the ball very well. “

Q: Defense seemed to have a spark at times when the offense was clicking. What are your thoughts?

A: “They did but they have to score points to keep our defense in the game and right now, because of the quarterback position, we aren’t able to score enough points which will be rectified in recruiting.”

Head Coach David Bailiff (Rice)

“I’m really pleased with our football team. They have won three games in a row on the road and doing that is hard. New Mexico State is doing a great job and doing all the right things. They are a classy bunch of young men who played hard the entire time and played a good clean football game. Coach Martin has done a good job and my hat is off to him. Obviously these men are still playing hard and he is keeping them going and that is sometimes hard to do but you can tell he is doing it and the kids have bought into what he is doing. But I’m proud of this football team, I’m proud of Charles Ross. It’s nice to have him back and healthy. The defense, taking one play away which really had more to do with coaching than them, did outstanding all night and our special teams played solid. To go on the road and to be 5-2, we are very excited about that at this point in the season.”

Q: Having this been your fourth consecutive win on the road is very impressive.

A: “We have come a long way but it doesn’t mean anything. We have UTEP coming to town next week so we can enjoy this win tonight, get home about three in the morning and go to work on UTEP. “

Q: Playing as many guys as you did, you had a lot of guys in there doing a lot of good things.

A: “It’s nice when you can get guys in there and start working on your depth. It’s always different when you get game experience because the speed of the game is so much different than it is in practice. It was good to be able to get Guy Billups and Cody Henessee in there for the first time tonight. It’s good for the morale and development of the team.”

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